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Jejungee is a very nervous tricolour guinea pig, and was known as Charlie (his new owner, Pinku no Ichigo Yuki, named him Jejungee, similar to her favourite singer's name, Kim Jae Joong/Kim Jejung). He is currently 7 months old. He was bought from The Ark Pet Center with lots of anticipation and since then his new owner showers him with lotsa love (and food). He looks very VERY cute when he's asleep, but when he lies on the rooftop of his house with his chubby cheeks resting on the surface, he looks cuter! Now, magically, his thoughts are readable and transparent for you to read and let us all discover the world from Jejungee's CAGE of view....

Monday, 22 November 2010

Chapter 2: Gettin' Smelly?

One on fine day, when I was napping and completely indulged in guinea dream full of cute guinea pigs, suddenly, a pair of giant hands took my house away and tried to grab me! Bwaaahhhh!! I was knocked for six!! But I was fast. That pair of giant hands didn't give up. They tried again and again but I was still the fastest! I ran and ran! It was tiring and I was terrified! Being grabbed is one of the most terrifying things for nervous guinea pigs like me!
Those giant hands didn't give up, and they finally got me as I stuck in the corner, no where to run. I was grabbed and taken away from my not-so-safe-anymore house. Oh nooooo.. What now??? What had I done wrong till my owner did this to meeeeee?????

"You're gettin' smelly Jejungee.. Time for a bath!"

I was dumbfounded. Smelly? Was I? *sniffs* No I was not! I WAS NOT! Let me GO!
And my owner did let me go but then I was placed inside a strange circular thing. I often see my owner stands beside that weird thing every morning and night, and, and, she puts a tiny brush into her mouth then spits something into that circular thing. OH! I bathed in a place full of spit???? RUNN JEJUNGEE RUUNN!!

I tried to run but it was too slippery. Was it because of the spit??? My claws couldn't claw anything! Curse you spit!!

"Hold your horses. I'll go get the shampoo."

My owner disappeared. I tried hard to escape in this golden opportunity but I just couldn't. This place was cursed! At the end I gave up. I was too tired and too nervous. Hopefully I would survive....And then she came while holding a yellow bottle with pictures of human babies on it.

"Here you go."

Water suddenly flowed out from one of the pointed metallic objects attached on top of the cursed circular spit bowl. The water hit my feet. It was FREEZING!!! She then wet my fur. I was nervously shivering! Why didn't I escape earlier?? Why did I give up??

She then grabbed the bottle and yellow fluid flowed on her palm, and she stroked her palm on my fur together with that yellow fluid. Because of the lovely smell, I numbed. She continued stroking me gently. I was soapy but it felt, strangely of course, nice and calming. She poured a small amount of water on me and I became soapier!

As I enjoyed the soapy sensation, suddenly a glass of water was poured on me. BRRRRR! The soapy sensation magically disappeared! Wow, human chemistry is interesting. After that she grabbed me (I always hate that part) and put me on her lap. What happened next? A giant device the size of a guinea pig (my owner usually uses that to dry her hair) blew hot air at me (oh that's how her wet hair gets dry) and my fur was horrendously dry few minutes later. And then I gained my freedom but with horrendous fur-style. 

I smelled nice indeed!!

But I looked like a giant messy fur ball. Like a hedgehog.

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