The furry details...

Jejungee is a very nervous tricolour guinea pig, and was known as Charlie (his new owner, Pinku no Ichigo Yuki, named him Jejungee, similar to her favourite singer's name, Kim Jae Joong/Kim Jejung). He is currently 7 months old. He was bought from The Ark Pet Center with lots of anticipation and since then his new owner showers him with lotsa love (and food). He looks very VERY cute when he's asleep, but when he lies on the rooftop of his house with his chubby cheeks resting on the surface, he looks cuter! Now, magically, his thoughts are readable and transparent for you to read and let us all discover the world from Jejungee's CAGE of view....

Monday, 22 November 2010

Chapter 2: Gettin' Smelly?

One on fine day, when I was napping and completely indulged in guinea dream full of cute guinea pigs, suddenly, a pair of giant hands took my house away and tried to grab me! Bwaaahhhh!! I was knocked for six!! But I was fast. That pair of giant hands didn't give up. They tried again and again but I was still the fastest! I ran and ran! It was tiring and I was terrified! Being grabbed is one of the most terrifying things for nervous guinea pigs like me!
Those giant hands didn't give up, and they finally got me as I stuck in the corner, no where to run. I was grabbed and taken away from my not-so-safe-anymore house. Oh nooooo.. What now??? What had I done wrong till my owner did this to meeeeee?????

"You're gettin' smelly Jejungee.. Time for a bath!"

I was dumbfounded. Smelly? Was I? *sniffs* No I was not! I WAS NOT! Let me GO!
And my owner did let me go but then I was placed inside a strange circular thing. I often see my owner stands beside that weird thing every morning and night, and, and, she puts a tiny brush into her mouth then spits something into that circular thing. OH! I bathed in a place full of spit???? RUNN JEJUNGEE RUUNN!!

I tried to run but it was too slippery. Was it because of the spit??? My claws couldn't claw anything! Curse you spit!!

"Hold your horses. I'll go get the shampoo."

My owner disappeared. I tried hard to escape in this golden opportunity but I just couldn't. This place was cursed! At the end I gave up. I was too tired and too nervous. Hopefully I would survive....And then she came while holding a yellow bottle with pictures of human babies on it.

"Here you go."

Water suddenly flowed out from one of the pointed metallic objects attached on top of the cursed circular spit bowl. The water hit my feet. It was FREEZING!!! She then wet my fur. I was nervously shivering! Why didn't I escape earlier?? Why did I give up??

She then grabbed the bottle and yellow fluid flowed on her palm, and she stroked her palm on my fur together with that yellow fluid. Because of the lovely smell, I numbed. She continued stroking me gently. I was soapy but it felt, strangely of course, nice and calming. She poured a small amount of water on me and I became soapier!

As I enjoyed the soapy sensation, suddenly a glass of water was poured on me. BRRRRR! The soapy sensation magically disappeared! Wow, human chemistry is interesting. After that she grabbed me (I always hate that part) and put me on her lap. What happened next? A giant device the size of a guinea pig (my owner usually uses that to dry her hair) blew hot air at me (oh that's how her wet hair gets dry) and my fur was horrendously dry few minutes later. And then I gained my freedom but with horrendous fur-style. 

I smelled nice indeed!!

But I looked like a giant messy fur ball. Like a hedgehog.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Chapter 1: Lonely

My owner had been packing stuff lately. I don't wish to be bothered by that but she clumsily hit stuff and made stuff felt from its place. It was rather chaotic and noisy, and made me startled. Please Rai (that is what other humans call her), could you be more sensitive to my nervous heart? I almost got a heart attack! Running into my house in shock for five time consecutively was not funny!

But then later own she uttered something dismal; she would be in Nottingham (not sure where that was) until tomorrow night (no wonder she was being generous; she put more hay and and more grass into my feeding containers because no one was going to feed me!) She kept on saying "Don't finish the food too soon okay? I wouldn't be here until 1 AM tomorrow morning. Remember that okay?". Humans are funny. Though they already know that animals can't understand human language, they keep talking to their pets. But the truth is that we DO understand but we don't show it (accept for cats and dogs and some other animals that listen to the humans. As soon as humans noticed that they understand human, their lives are busy with humans' instruction and orders). We won't listen cuz we don't like following orders and you can never make us obey you. It's you who should obey us. Mwahaha... *hides*

Few hours after, my owner departed and I was left alone in the dark. The wind was exceptionally freezing that night! I guess my owner didn't shut the window tightly. Lucky me, the wind was blowing directly to me. Thank God I have fur and I have a small cozy lil house (which should come with a heater) for me to keep myself warm. 

Day came. It was silent. No exaggerating human steps, no loud human voices, no aromatic smoke coming out from the other side of the universe, no everything. Yes! Life was good. There was only me, me, me - a very good atmosphere for me to lessen my nervous breakdown. No more shocking human movement, no more thing to make me startled! Practically that day I carried out my usual routine; jump here and there, eat the humongous amount of food that my owner had left me with, sleep, run, sleep, drink some water and repeat everything. But, as time goes by, to be honest, without the presence of my owner, life was boring. There was no one to entertain me, no one to be entertained, no one-sided conversation, and nothing. No falling stuff, no chaos, no loud and weird guffaw, no 'Jejungeeeeeeee'.... Huuuuuuuuhhh... I was missing the attention was I?

For the rest of the day, I could only lie and sleep in my front yard, and wait patiently for her return which was at '1 AM tomorrow morning'.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Jejungee's Transparent Mind on one anonymous day.....

Hurrm.. I've been alone again. I'm always alone. I have no one to talked to. Everything is motionless except for the golden trees outside, and the freely moving clouds. My owner hasn't returned yet. She always disappears and it's no longer oblivious to me. Gradually I've grown suspicious. Where has she been? This happens almost everyday. Am I starting to miss her? Naahh. But, but, how can she left me without turning the noisy heater on? *sobs* It's chilly in here.. I should eat something.... I should add more fat!

Hays and dry grasses are delicious. *munch munch* Today is such a gloomy day. While munching these delicious meal my owner has given me this morning, I've been thinking; can the gloomy weather affect the living things? Can birds fly in this kind of weather? I always hear them chipping exuberantly but today I hear nothing at all. Where have they been? Maybe they don't feel like flying and stopping at the trees out there today. It's quite windy outside;probably that's why....

I feel like working out *jumps* Maybe I'll make a few runs *runs* I wish I had a bigger front yard.

Owh! I heard something. Footsteps. Oh no! *nervous* They're getting closer to me! Gotta hide!!

Oh! It's my owner. She always utters that unfamiliar word every time she comes. Is that my name?
The footsteps are louder now. I guess she is just in front of my house.  Hmm.. Silence. Wonder what she is doing. Maybe I should just sleep. I'm pretty tired.

GAH!! Suddenly I saw a gigantic face through the hole of my house! It's my owner's. Yes I AM sleeping so go away! Stop staring at my eyes! *nervous*

When I woke up, I saw my owner. She's doing something repeatedly. Sometime she stands, sometimes she bends down and bows, sometime she sits while staring at some anonymous things in front of her motionlessly and then she stands again, repeating everything. When the first time I saw those things that she continuously does until today, I was terrified of how ghostly and gigantic she appeared to be! That was during the first day I came to her; I was delivered by a male human and I remembered how pathetically nervous I was at that time. I was terrified to get out from my cozy lil house. Everything was scary to me but now, gradually, I live with less fear because I begin to understand that I am safe in my protected residence although some rather unfamiliar humans try to scare me. Oh, my owner's soothing voice wakes me up from my fantasy. I can see that she's holding something in her hands, looking at it contentedly but at the same time I can hear her lullabying voice. Ahh.. Her voice calms my nervous heart and it brings my heart to a nice tranquil state. Sometime I fell asleep while listening to that voice of hers. I love her voice. I wish I could understand the things she utters within the lovely melody.

Humans can be very interesting. Today, after that routine of hers, my owner sits on top of something while staring at a glowing rectangular object motionlessly. But she was eating something too. She eats lots of thing, and I thought I'm the only creature who eats a lot. The moment that interests me the most is when I notice my owner sheds tears like I did when annoying wood dust got into my eyes. Why is it so? Dust got into her eyes too? She always produces a loud irritating repeated noise when she stares at the glowing rectangular object but today she sheds tears. Why does human shed tears like we do? I want to ask her that but I think she wouldn't notice me asking her a question because I know she couldn't understand me. I should just keep silent and enjoy the rest of the day inside my cozy lil house.